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SSL support for SQL Server Data Sources

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I am just testing version of the Mac Enterprise client. When I try to connect to a SQL Server data source and use SSL encryption (in Advanced > Advanced Settings, set Encrypt and TrustServerCertificate to True) - I get the error "Unable to connect to the server! SSL encryption for data sent between client and server is not implemented."

Is this error message correct - has SSL support not been implemented for SQL Server connections on the Mac, or is it something I am doing wrong? SSL works fine on the windows client, and it works on the Mac client for MySQL connections.

Many thanks,

Clock4 yrs

Hi Craig,

Unfortunately, you're doing nothing wrong. It is indeed not supported in the RDM Mac version. The framework we're using doesn't support it and there is little chances we'll get around this issue.

Sorry for any inconveniences,

Best regards,

Xavier Fortin


Clock4 yrs