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Corrupted passwords from login details capture

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the new addon is working well and we can now capture login details, nice.

i have come across an issue though, with the following password settings in the password generator:


i get a corrupted password entry should i use a password generated with the above settings. an example of a generated password is: ?=VS«?è7ÄG}Ñ¥ÏLô?ÛöàYçý? the same password after being saved through the Devolution web login addon into PVM is: �=VS���7�G}ѥ�L����Y��� which results in login failed messages.

Clock4 yrs


A fix has been made in Devolutions Web Login to fix your problem. The fix is already available for all the browsers, you just have to download the update for the browser you use.

Best regards,

Olivier Désalliers


Clock4 yrs

that was fast! my thanks to you and the team for such a speedy delivery. the bug is squashed.

Clock4 yrs