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[SOLVED] Classic UI: Option to hide the "view" buttons

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I am using RDM free with Classic UI, though my request may benefit the Default UI as well.

As I don't use the "view" buttons much and there is already the "View" menu available in order to switch between "All Entries", "Opened Sessions" "Favorites" and "Most Recent Used Entries", could we get an option to hide those buttons? I could benefit from having one more row available to display entries in my treeview. smile

Those are the buttons I'm talking about:


As well, I don't know if you could add an option to hide the data source combobox? Not sure if that would integrate well with people using several data sources, in case they hide the combobox by error...

Thanks for listening to my request! smile

Clock3 yrs

I will verify if it's possible but I think it is. I will also enter a feature request.


David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs

That is great to hear, thanks!

Clock3 yrs