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Auto Hide Ribbon vs Smart Resize

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I like to use the auto hide ribbon feature when I’m using my laptop, as it gives me more real estate. However, when I click the top bar in the UI, it forces any RDP connections to smart resize. This is very frustrating, as many of the servers I connect to are over WAN connections in developing countries, e.g., DR Congo. Sometimes this means I have to wait a few minutes just because I clicked on the bar to show the ribbon. It would be great if you could re work your application to ignore the change in screen size when the ribbon is revealed.

Clock3 yrs

You can choose to use the scrollbar and not use the Smart Reconnect. We could manually reconnect the RDP connection if you resize your desktop. Reworking the application is not a simple task since we receive a notification when the window size change but we can detect that it's related to the Ribbon.


David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs

There's some ability to detect that the ribbon is causing the window size change, in that when I change auto hide ribbon to show tabs, the window does not automatically resize when I click on the tabs to reveal the commands...

So, as a work around, I've taken to using this setting, as it nearly accomplishes what I was looking for.

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