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How to change custom variable within RDM

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I have a custom variable $VPNCONNECTION$ that is set to a value of 1 defined in options > custom variables
I want to connect a VPN then check the value of the $VPNCONNECTION$ custom variable.
If it is 1 change it to 2, if it is 2 change it to 1.
I am not sure how to do this within RDM using after connect of the vpn options.

Can anyone assist please?

Clock3 yrs

We don't have way to modify a current value in script after n execution. I will add a feature request for that and add some scripting functionality with the connection itself as a target.


David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs

Use the File - Options - General - Custom Variables to manage your own variables.
The custom variables option of free ps plus accounts has been implemented to customize your own variables in the application.
Click on New to create a new variable to use. Enter the name and the value of the variable.

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