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Hi Team,

Not so much a feature request as more of an improvement request: could some effort be spent on cleaning up the user interface a little? All small changes, but one of the things we've noticed as new users is that the interface looks clunky. Close investigation shows that every element in the interface is bounded by a box, with 1-3 pixels of overlap and slightly misaligned edges. Using the new HiDPI interface makes it all the more apparent.

Attached images: Capture1 shows a few edges misaligned (the E symbol's left side, the top of the tab vs. navigation pane's top edge). Capture 2 shows the border around an RDP session, 1px on the left edge, 2px on the top edge.

Removing the bounding boxes would give the app a more 'seamless' appearance and cleanup the multiple grey shades, and fixing the edge alignments would make the app so much more polished and high quality (and increase usable space ever so slightly!).


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Thank you for your feedback. I will verify what we can do but sometime the third party leave a space by default For example the capture2. The top padding of 2 is here to allow the border highlight when you can the color.

Anyway we will try to improve what we can improve for sure. Thank you

David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs