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Tab Auto-Close Option: True Except Log Off

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Problem: When a user makes a lot of RDP connections and then later needs to close those connections, they need to log off and then close each individual tab. There is an option to close the tab on disconnect, however if the RDP session is disconnected in an unwanted manner (network issue, remote logoff, etc.) the tab also closes, which is not preferred because then the user may lose track of what connections were supposed to be open when they return to work.

Suggestion: Add option to existing "Keep tab page option on disconnect" setting for something like "Passive Only" or "True except Log Off" where the tab will stay open if disconnected in an unwanted manner, but will close the tab if the user performs an action like Log Off. This will save the user from a lot of annoying tab closing.


Clock4 yrs

I like the idea. I will add a feature request for that.


David Hervieux


Clock4 yrs