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Building or Site plan from the company view

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Hi, we actually use the RDM to manage our branch offices and our headquarter.

One of our wishes is, that we have all the informations about these offices in a fast time.

That is our current view.

A great thing would be like this:

Office or Site information like:
COMPANY GMBH (link to Google maps)
Street . 2
11111 Demo

Tel +49 123123123 22
Fax +49 121221333 22

Contact Person 1 ( Office Manager) Link to Contact
Contact Person 2 (IT Helpdesk) Link to Contact
Working Hours: 08:00-17:00 UTC+1

Office or Site Plan:


Site Connections

A other great option would be to place the Servers into a building plan or rackplan also a option to view all offices within a world map (like Google maps..)

With kind regard

Clock3 yrs

I think that I have an idea how we could do that. I can't give you a timeframe but I will add this to our todo list. Thank you


David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs