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File explorer - see extentions

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I'm using file explorer entry and I need to be able to see the extension of the files so I can rename them.

and if your in this already, add all the options from the windows file explorer like show hidden folders / files...

Can you add this ?


Clock3 yrs

we use a third party for that but I'm pretty sure that it's possible to add the column. I will assign this to Hubert.


David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs

Hello Snir,

I checked and the third party for the majority of its options works by using the current settings for the windows explorer. This is the case for showing the extensions of files: if you have this option enabled in the windows file explorer, it will show them in the RDM file explorer too. A quick question in that regard: what OS are you using? The third party might have issues on older OSes, if setting the option in the windows file explorer doesn't work.

We are limited in what options we can set but "show hidden files" is one of them, so we will add a setting for that.


Hubert Mireault


Clock3 yrs

I'm using RDM from terminal 2012R2, just changed it on the terminal and it worked.
Still will be good if you'l have this from the app settings (show file ext also).


Clock3 yrs