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Fix minor annoyances

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Can you please fix these minor annoyances:
#1 Please stop grabbing focus and remaining on top of other apps. This is particularly annoying when RDM keeps grabbing focus multiple times while I am trying to work on another app.

#2, With the frequent updates, please reduce the install clicks by remembering my previous selection of not installing shortcuts to the desktop and quick-launch at a minimum. Really you should remember all my install preferences and skip to the chase for a typical install.

Clock3 yrs

Hello Gary,
#1 This is not a simple as it seems. Could you give me a scenario or at least the dialog that take the focus? Do you mean when you start a connection?

#2 I will do my best to improve the installer and remember your preferences.


David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs

I will have to pay attention as I use and update you with more specifics. I am in RDM all day long, THANKS!, I love the product.
I think one component is actually the installer. Maybe some longer operations like running a playlist may do it as well.
This used to be a big issue years ago in earlier versions of Windows. Currently the only app that annoys me with this is RDM. I have 5 monitors and an often switching tasks.

Clock3 yrs