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Add Contextual Help to Dialogues

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I'm new to the application and am currently in my trial period and something I've noticed that is pretty aggravating is the lack of contextual help. The example I would give is that for anyone new to the application settings such as "File\Options\User Interface\Filter\Location: Status Bar\Clear filter on open connection" means absolutely nothing until you pull up the manual search it and find that option.

For most of the panels under the options dialogue there is a pretty large amount of unused white space that could be used for a very helpful text box that would explain what the option is and what effects the setting has on the application's behavior. I'm sure after using the application for a while the options probably become rather intuitive, but for new users many of the settings available which may be pretty useful aren't very intuitive at all.

Thanks for your consideration.

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This too is something that would be very useful to include right next to each textboxes or menu option. It is a lot easier to click on a "info icon" and get some immediate information than it is to open a new window and search the manual.

Doing so also will cutdown not only on our internal helpdesk calls but your helpdesk calls as well.

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Hi guys,
Thank you for your suggestion. I will see what we can do for that. In the meantime don't forget to check our online help:


David Hervieux


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