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Set-RDMSession.method not working but Set-RDMSessionProperty does

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I was trying to change all of my RDP sessions in powershell

I tried

$Sessions = Get-RDMSession | where {$_.Kind -eq "RDPConfigured"}
foreach ($session in $Sessions)
{$session.AutoReconnection = 'False'

Set-RDMSession $session -refresh}

It completes without error however does not set the value to false.
If the value is already false, it changes it to true

I eventually discovered I could set it with this command instead

set-rdmsessionproperty -id $ -property AutoReconnection -Value False

Why use set-rdmsessionproperty over assigning them direct with $session.Attribute

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$session.AutoReconnection is expecting a boolean. By assigning $false, it should work.

$session.AutoReconnection = $false

Best regards,

Olivier Désalliers


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For your information, if you convert any non-empty string (i.e. 'False') to a boolean value in PowerShell, the resulting boolean value will be True.

You can consult this web page about it

Best regards,

Érica Poirier


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Great thank you to both of you. I did not know Boolean types had to be assigned with a $ prefix.

Could you move this to the powershell section as the only bug is obviously me.

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