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Unless i'm misunderstanding how this is working for us...

The 'Warn if already opened' feature works great for servers where you would be sharing an account.. but, the warning pops up before you select an account to log in with and it's possible to then pick the account that's in use.

Is it possible to tie this feature to the login being used or to display the logins being used when the warning is being displayed..

Clock3 yrs

I'm not sure to understand exactly what you mean. Could you post a small video? You can send it to the support team.


David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs

i understand what bbeaulieu means.

i.e. you have an RDP-Entry "testserver"
you have credential-Entry "user1", "user2"

your colleague conntects to "testserver" using credential-entry "user1"
you want to connect to "testserver"
you get popup that session is already opened, you klick ok and select "user1" -> now you kick your colleague.

it would be better if popup informs you which credential-entry is in use with the session.



Best Regards


Clock3 yrs

Actually, using Markus's example, I think it would be better if it alerted you when the credential list popped up.

IE, when credential repository comes up it lists:

user1 (in use on this server)

Clock3 yrs