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October’s Poll Results: What’s Your Craziest or Dumbest IT Support Story?

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As you may remember, last month we asked you to share your craziest – or just plain dumbest – IT support story.
Before getting to the action, I just want to say this: IT pros are PATIENT people! Wow. Some of the stuff that you guys put up with deserves a medal.
Oh well, even if your users don’t always appreciate your expertise and hard work, rest assured that your fellow IT pros – and everyone here at Devolutions – know how important you are. Without you, the IT infrastructure would have no structure. People would be screaming in their cubicles, panic would erupt, and total anarchy would ensue. You’re the glue that holds the world of work together. Cool, huh?

Visit our blog, you won't regret it. Some stories are hilarious:

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