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Windows 10 lock screen

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Hi guys,

When I connect to a WIndows 10 locked machine, I can see the lock screen wallpaper, then when I click on the screen to bring the login screen up, it goes completely black. After a minute or two it comes back to the lock screen and I can see the wallpaper again, then same thing when I try to bring the login screen

Clock4 yrs


We are well aware of the issue, and unfortunately, there is no quick fix. The root of the problem is that a Windows contains multiple "desktops", some of them more secured than others. The login screen, the screensaver, the UAC prompt, the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen are all running on special desktops. The black screen you get is because the regular user desktop no longer has focus. Right now, we do the capturing all from the same process, but in order to properly capture other desktops, we need system rights, and the capturing needs to be done in a separate process. We plan on implementing this as soon as possible, but it requires a fair amount of work to complete.

Marc-André Moreau


Clock4 yrs