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Change executable for add-ons

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Hi, we change the executable name of some programs to make it easier to find in Windows start / search / cortana. For example:

winbox.exe --> "Mikrotik winbox.exe"
jxplorer --> "LDAP jxplorer.exe"
iReasoning MIB Browser.exe --> SNMP MIB Browser.exe

or to pick a specific VNC viewer instead of RealVNC etc etc.

We do this so that when you start typing "Mikr..." it finds the program in question. We also use this to keep multiple versions of some programs (winbox.exe, vmware client, Cisco ASDM etc).

You can change the executable location (folder), but you can't change the executable name itself. I've also tried making a shortcut with the desired name, but that doesn't work.

This would be a very helpful feature to enable across the board so that if required you can point an entry at a different program. For example maybe you want to adjust a system wide default for winbox.exe OR maybe you just want to update it for a particular client because their device only works with version x.y.z

Another thought is to allow users to clone an addon type - so you keep the default addon definition, but can then create your own addon based upon "Cisco ASDM" or "winbox.exe" or "VMWare" so that you can then choose these as a custom type? Just a thought.


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I have verified and it's not a simple task. We need to create a mechanism for that and update all the add-ons. Have you thought about creating a small executable with the old name and invoke the new one?


David Hervieux


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Hi David,

creating .exe is unfortunately not straight forward, and you can't get away with creating a .cmd (for example). Don't worry I understand it's probably more than a 30 second fix! but it's hopefully an interesting & useful idea to consider (maybe for an upcoming release?).

Thankyou to the team btw for the super speedy response updating the Mikrotik winbox plugin, that's awesome smile



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