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Most Popular 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) Compared

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Do you, by any chance, use the same password for more than one website? Do you download software straight from the Internet? Or click on sketchy links in email messages? By doing any of these typical actions, you risk having your password stolen or being hacked. 2FA will prevent this from happening by adding an extra layer of security to your account.
There are 3 well-known factors used for authentication: something you know (a password or passphrase), something you have (your mobile phone or a token), and something you are (your fingerprint). 2FA means the system is using two of these options to authenticate you.
2FA can offer important benefits to enterprises as well as individual users, although the technology can seem complicated and the tools themselves vary. Choosing the right software to fit your needs is a hefty task, so we did some digging around for you and took a closer look at the most popular ones: Google Authenticator, Authy,Yubico and Duo.
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