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Because there are frequent updates to RD Manager, I'd like to see a “Quick Install” option that uses your previous selections. This will be a nice improvement to an already great product. That improvement is how many clicks it takes to install an update. It would be nice if you can streamline that like other software does.

Obviously a "Quick Install" option can be easily accomplished with a cookie that remember my previous selections. It would be one thing if updates only came out every now and then, but we get updates often with RD Manager.

Clock3 yrs

I will see what we can do to simplify the install process. Just to let you know, RDM does not really need a full install. You can download the zip and overwrite the installation.


David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs

Great, thank you. I think it will make your product even better. I love it and recommend it all the time.

Clock3 yrs