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All’s well that ends well — The Tale of the 1-Star Review

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While getting recommendations, advice, and warnings from peers has always been part of the “buyer’s journey”, the web has made consumer feedback about 10 million times more influential. I mean, no matter what you want to buy — from industrial equipment to pizza – there’s a good chance that someone out there is ranting or raving about it.
Here at Devolutions, we read, analyze, and discuss all of the feedback we get – both positive and negative (and sometimes, the same feedback contains both). Listening to our users is built into our DNA.
Now, if you’re a regular blog visitor, you may recall that we feature Case Studies to put the spotlight on users who are saying positive things about our products and support. However, what you probably haven’t seen is a spotlight on negative feedback — until now! And that brings us to the tale of the 1-star review…
Read the tale on our blog:

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