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Space bar support for Macros

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My objective is to use this macro method to bypass the legal warning which pops up upon initial connection to a server. I can work around the problem by using {enter} instead. This is not ideal because occasionally in my zeal to connect to a server I'll manually click the "ok" button on the legal warning. Later when the macro finally runs the command is sent into what ever application is open on the remote server. Some applications which could be running on the target server will respond differently to {enter} then with space. So I'd rather use the space option.

I'm running RDM beta, but have seen this behavior in previous versions.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
- open the navigation pane
- find the desired server in the list of connections
- right click a server
- select Edit, this opens the settings for that specific connection
- click the Events tab
- in the After Connection section, use the following values:
- check Execute automatically
- initial wait 10 sec
- in the Typing Macro field I've tried {space} and " " without quotes
- click ok
- double click the connection in the navigation pane

When I use the {space} the macro runs as expected however RDM returns an error message saying that "{space}" is unknown

When I use the " " character without quotes the value is not saved in the interface, when reopening the settings window the field is empty.

Next to the Typing Macro field there is a "?" button which shows all the available options; {space} isn't listed. So I'm hoping to have it included, or maybe there is a better solution to the legal warning (besides the obvious "turn it off").

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Indeed trailing and leading spaces are trimmed, therefore a single space is not saved. As for the {space} keyword, it does not exist.

Please try using "{delay} {delay}", it should work.

The delay value is to the right, you can reduce it to a low value to limit the time you wait.

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Maurice Côté


Clock7 yrs

Thanks, that's an excellent idea.

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