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RDM - Execution Order/Step Management

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It would be very nice if the RDM UI for creating sessions was changed so that we could add steps. A lot of the issues we have could simply be resolved if we could re-order, change and execution of things that are happening in RDM.

For example one of the issues we are having is we need the ability to clear our sessions prior the VPN launching. We need to have the ability to run any command first upon opening up the session.

1. Run a specific CommandLine - which executes a series of process kills on the computer to clear out multiple VPN client sessions (the VPNCLI.exe and VPNUI.exe kill commands do kill the proccess but do not disconnect the VPN.) We created a script to disconnect the session but unable to get it to run first no matter what we do.
2. Open the Cisco VPN Connect Session - to connect to a specific client
3. Launch Tab - showing that Cisco VPN is Connected
4. Launch another IE Window with documentation to our help desk portal

This would significantly reduce the issues we are facing and provide control to further maximize all the different Addons/session entry resources of RDM.

Here is a Youtube Video from one of my favorite Deployment Tools PDQ Deploy from Admin Arsenal, they do a great job with Steps in their Deployment Tool.

Clock3 yrs

I will add this to our todo list.


David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs