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Supermicro IPMIView plugin

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Dear Devolutions,

Almost all our servers include the IPMI interface. You already have an add-on that covers sending commands to the IPMI interface for reboots and such. However, the primary use case we have with the IPMI technology is the ability to control the console and manipulate the boot process through wat is called IPMIView. It's sort of a remote desktop with remote mount support that enables you to control the server even when it's booting into a bios.
Example picture:
Publically available documentation:

Could support for IPMIView become a reality?

Kind regards,
Jori Huisman

Clock4 yrs

I can't see the command line for IPMIView. Do you have more information?


David Hervieux


Clock4 yrs


I know this is an old thread but still relevant.
I would also love to see a way to administrate computers over the ipmi interface.

Here is a quick config how to kick off ipmiview from commandline

"C:\Program Files (x86)\SUPERMICRO\IPMIView\jre\bin\java.exe" -Djava.library.path=. -jar iKVM.jar <IP> <USERNAME> <PASSWORD> null 5900 623 2 0
make sure working directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\SUPERMICRO\IPMIView

I do not know what all parameters are but 5900 and 623 are ports according to netstat.
Above info was found using process explorer.

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Great thank you. This is really helpful. In the meantime you can create a command line session with your parameters.


David Hervieux


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I would also like to cast my vote for an IPMIView plugin

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I'll vote also for an plugin.

iKVM is nice and working, but it's not the managing interface of this board itself!

The Supermicro IPMI Utilities is working well, but these are the shell commands without the gui interface. But for me the webinterface is working really well and autologin from RDM is possibile. There, you can show and administrate same things like via ipmiview java-tool.

Username ID = name
Password ID = pwd

Login Button ID = login_word


Clock11 mths

Please check/try:

  • check connection, enter command with you parametr
SMCIPMITool <IP> <username> <password>
will show a list of available commands
if we find
ukvm General KVM launcher
kvm SIM KVM console (graphic mode)
kvmw SIM(W) KVM console (graphic mode)
kvmwa SIM(WA) KVM console (graphic mode)
kvmwx9 SIM(X9) KVM console (graphic mode)
All Ok

  • Launch iKVM

SMCIPMITool <IP> <username> <password> ukvm

  • For RDM
  • Create conection Supermicro IPMI Utilities
  • enter IP, login, password
  • mode - SHELL
  • Connect....
  • And enter command ukvm

Starting JViewer (X9) Process...Done
Please wait for JViewer (X9) window

Other OS:
java -jar SMCIPMITool.jar <IP> <username> <password> ukvm

Clock11 mths

I too would like to see this integrated with RDM.

Clock2 mths