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How to Change Font Size of SSH Session

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Hi Guys

I have just downloaded Remote Desktop Manager Free Version for Mac and cannot work out how to change the Font Size of an SSH Session. I right click in the session window and choose Fonts -> Show Fonts but nothing I do in there appears to affect the font in the session. I have tried both the Native SSH and the Putty? SSH options without any luck. I am having trouble with the default font size (Menlo 11pt) as I can barely see it even with my glasses on (old bugger with fading eyesight).

Any advice would be appreciated.

Kind Regards

Clock4 yrs

Hi Scott,

We do not support changing the font attributes of the SSH Terminal yet. The option you see in the context menu are default menu item common on all Text View in Mac that we do not handle on this control. I'm sorry for the confusion.

This is already on our todo list.

Best regards.

Xavier Fortin


Clock4 yrs