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security patterns

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Today I had to share the security patterns with an IT manager. In this organisations people use a lot of Android devices. They like to use the well known pattern to unlock the device. After this they have direct access to data en apps. So I took pen and paper, put 9 dots in a square on it and drawed the pattern. After that I realised I had no possibility to save this my Password Manager.

Would it be nice if RDM would provide an option to save patterns like this?


Best regards,

Maarten Schouten

Clock4 yrs

Hi Maarten,

That's a great idea !

We will add it to our todo list and see what we can do.

However, we cannot give you a time frame for its implementation.

Best Regards,

Nicolas Dufour


Clock4 yrs

I like the idea too.


David Hervieux


Clock4 yrs