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How to use Remote Desktop Manager Password Analyzer

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Lately, we’ve focused a lot on security and password protection because it’s a top priority for us and we’re kind of obsessed. To simplify your life, there’s a great feature in RDM that you should be using called Password Analyzer.

We’ll start by looking at a common scenario: let’s say that on a regular basis, your team changes or adds passwords in your data source. Hopefully, you’re already using RDM’s Password Policy Complexity to make sure everyone is choosing suitable passwords (i.e. nobody is using “password” or “12345”!).
But how do you know that some of your colleagues aren’t using the same password? What if the password strength isn’t sufficient? Well, that’s where Password Analyzer enters the picture. It scans your data source and displays a strength indicator for each password. In seconds, you’ll detect vulnerabilities and can follow-up with colleagues accordingly.

Here’s how to use this feature:

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