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Import your TechNet Subscription (via XML)

First export your TechNet Subscription keys using this link

Serial Data entry is actually an AddOn therefore we need to jump through hoops to make it work.

SerialDataEntryConfiguration & DataEntryConnectionTypeInfo are two internal classes that are not documented. One needs internal workings to be able to write this type of script.


[xml]$rss = Get-Content $args[0];
foreach ($product in $rss.YourKey.Product_Key)
Write-Host $product.Name;

$session = New-RDM-Session -Name $product.Name -Kind "DataEntry"
$session.Group = "TechNet Keys"
$session.MetaInformation.CustomField1Title = "Key type"
$session.MetaInformation.CustomField1Value = $product.Key.Type;
$session.MetaInformation.CustomField2Title = "Claimed date"
$session.MetaInformation.CustomField2Value = $product.Key.ClaimedDate;

$configuration = New-Object RemoteDesktopManager.AddOn.SerialDataEntryAddOn.SerialDataEntryConfiguration;
$configuration.Software = $product.Name;
$configuration.Serial = $product.InnerText;
$xml = $configuration.ToXml();

$dataEntryConnectionTypeInfo = New-Object Devolutions.RemoteDesktopManager.Business.DataEntryConnectionTypeInfo;
$dataEntryConnectionTypeInfo.DataEntryConnectionType = 7 <# AddOn #>;
$dataEntryConnectionTypeInfo.SubConnectionType = "a067caf6-848a-4f33-9926-d03f9702aaf5"
$dataEntryConnectionTypeInfo.Data = $xml;


Set-RDM-Session $session -NoRefresh;

edited by stefane on 4/11/2013

Stefane Lavergne


Clock6 yrs

I'm not having much luck importing my first powershell script. I'm guessing this should be added as a local powershell script?

I get the following error running this:

At line:1 char:60
+ & { 'C:\Users\Towers\SkyDrive\Scripts\Technet\Technet.ps1'
'C:\Users\Towers\SkyD ...
Unexpected token ''C:\Users\Towers\SkyDrive\Scripts\Technet\KeysExport.xml''
in expression or statement.
+ CategoryInfo : ParserError: (smile [], ParentContainsErrorRecordEx
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : UnexpectedToken

I'm not entirely sure what's going wrong. Any ideas?

Clock6 yrs

In the case of the script above you could create it via a PowerShell session but you would need the extra step of loading the RDM PowerShell snap-in. Something like this:

Get-PSSnapin -Name *Remote.Desktop* -Registered | % { Write-Host "$_..." -NoNewline; if ( (Get-PSSnapin -Name $_ -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -eq $null ) { Write-Host "installing" -ForegroundColor Yellow; Add-PsSnapin $_ } else { Write-Host "already installed" -ForegroundColor Green;  } }

But in this case it would be simpler to use Tools -> PowerShell (RDM CmdLet). This will start a PowerShell command prompt with the RDM snap-in loaded. You need only to run the script and all should work.

C:\Users\Towers\SkyDrive\Scripts\Technet\Technet.ps1 ''C:\Users\Towers\SkyDrive\Scripts\Technet\KeysExport.xml''

Let me know if that works for you.

Stefane Lavergne


Clock6 yrs