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September Poll: Who’s the Greatest IT Pro You’ve Ever Met?

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This month, we’re taking a look at YOUR behind the scenes heroes.
Here’s the scoop: we all have IT heroes in our lives. Some of them might be big famous names, while others are“behind the scenes” experts who have really made a positive impact on our lives. It could be your mentor, a college teacher, a close friend, a family member or maybe an ultra-smart Pro you have met that have forgotten more about IT than most people will ever know.
So with that in mind, here’s the poll question for this month: Who’s the greatest IT Pro you’ve ever met? Tag him or her in the comment (Spiceworks or on our blog) and you both could win an amazon certificate! Learn more on our blog :

Clock4 yrs

I am the best i think. Seriously. Sure i don't know the most or even work the hardest, not even on my own team. But i get the job done and that's what counts. Every day. Unless i have the day off. In that case i don't usually answer my phone unless i know you and i think it might be easy.

It's all about the computer kharma fellas. It really is.

Clock4 yrs