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Is it possible to add support for VPN login in the AnyConnect Client.

The currunt plugin uses the cli version of AnnyConnect and it does not work when you have the GUI client running (Error: another AnyConnect application is running).



Clock3 yrs

I don't think it's possible to do. Unfortunately we can't send the command to the Gui client. Maybe it has changed could you verify if they have a command line now?


David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs

I found something, you can control the GUI client with the vpncli.exe. The disconnect command works but some other running process it can not connect. When I sellect kill vpnui.exe in the session it can connect but the GUI closes. If I then open vpnui.exe I can see it is connected.

On the advanced tab I can not configure an command after connect, it is all greyed out. If I can configure to start vpnui again after it is connected it should work, it is not a very nice sollution but I think it works.

Clock3 yrs