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Embedded FTP finetuning features

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When clicking a folder in the right bottom pane, the directory tree in the right top pane should expand to the active folder.

With a setting it should be possible to change to default double click action. Now the default action is to View, but we should be able to change it to Download.

(With a on/off setting) the local folder in the left bottom pane should be cache to the last used folder. Expansion of the local directory in the left top pane should match the active local folder selected. Also the view method should be cached. Now changing the view an other view than Large icons is not remembered for the next time.

Resizing the panes should be cached (with a on/off setting).

The local directory in the left top pane should contain the Quick Access folders if this feature is available.

Clock4 yrs


Those are very interesting ideas.

We will look into it.

If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know.

Best regards,

Mark Beausejour


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Also, the remote file pane should have a last modified column, so we can see if files have been updated

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