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I use a website that is a Microsoft Exchange log in.

Sometimes the login requires username and password, but sometimes it just needs password.

What can I do to automate the login in this case?

Clock7 yrs

Have you tried the web browser session?

David Hervieux


Clock7 yrs

My apologies. I should have been more specific.

I am using the web browser session.

Here obstacles are the following:

1.) My login requires the following format -

Using the form login tab the formid, user name id, and password id were identified.

When I attempt to auto login this way the userid is populated with userid, not domain\user id and since the login button does not hve an id or name the form is not auto-submitted.

To get around this I use the following typing macro after connect.

2.) On this same login form from time to time I am just prompted for password and not user id.

This makes the typing macro not the best choice.

I would like to build a script that checks for the presence of the userid field and if it is present it sends the domain\userid and password, otherwise it just sends the password then submits the form.

Can this be done and if so what are my options (vbscript, etc)?

I love Remote Desktop Manager and it has very quickly became one of my "must have" tools.

Clock7 yrs

I think that with a script there is no solution. However I think that we could enhanced our web session to execute the auto submit by sending the Enter key. If you are able to use the default auto-fill. RDM could complete the process with the Send Key of Enter. Do you think this could work?

David Hervieux


Clock7 yrs