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Keep the focus once we clear the "filter" field.

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We have a lot of groups and I often use the filter field to easily find the right group.
My problem is that I'm not using the group itself but the entries within this group.

"Naturally", here is what I do (or at least tried to do):
1) Type in part of the name of the group I'm looking for.
2) The tree list is filtered to only show the entries containing the string used as filter. The group I'm interested in is part of those entries.
3) I select it.
4) I click the X to clear the filter field because I need to see entries in that group.

Unfortunately, the selection of my "Wanted Group" is not kept and the selection is moving to the root of the tree...

I then need to memorize the folder tree of the Wanted Group and navigate to it after I clear the filter field.

Note: While documenting this feature request, I found an even easier way to find my group without using the filter. I just type part of the group name (must match the beginning of the entry though. I might sometimes be useful to match any part of the entry name.).

Best regards,


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Hello Pierre,
We have a feature to include the group content in the search.


I will enter a bug request to keep the group selected when you click the X.


David Hervieux


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