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RDM session focus when one RDP session close

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When I run playlists, I open up to 30 (thirty) Windows Server OS RDP sessions at a time. When I log off of a Windows server (closing the RDP session), RDM always switches back to the RDM dashboard. I log off of a RDP session by clicking on a CMD (batch file) shortcut on the desktop (logoff with a ten seconds delay). By the time that RDP session closes after logoff, I am already working in another RDP session (and when the first RDP session closes, RDM shifts the focus back to the RDM dashboard). Is there any way to get RDM to stop doing that?

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Seems that you encounter the same issue has reported here (

David as made a fix for this in the latest beta release of RDM. Could you give it a try.

You can download RDM here -

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Jeff Dagenais

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Yes, thanks for the fix!! I had last had this happen this past weekend (using RDM Works for me in RDM

Thank you!!

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