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Configurable Welcome Page

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Hi! I was really impressed with the Welcome page in 11.6. I think it would be great to have something similar that we can make announcements of sorts through? Maybe something that instructs people how to add a new feature or gives us an opportunity to point out what connections have been added etc etc? I know there is the System Message feature - but it is just text based. Something were we could add images or html would be really great.


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It's a good idea. I will add this to our todo list.


David Hervieux


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This feature has been added to RDM and should be available on the next beta.

To use it go in Administration -> Data Source Settings -> General -> Check the "Use web or html welcome page" checkbox.

You can either link directly to a web page or use your own .html document.

If you use a web page you can simply type "" in the textbox.

If you use the .html document, you will need to type the Path by hand to a folder all your employees share. Here is an example : C:\FolderAccessibleByAllUsersOfWelcomePage\welcomepage.html

The interface will look like this :


Michaël Beaudin


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