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Use session of sub connection if IP-address of main connection can't be reached.

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We have the following setup: A main session which has an internal IP and port (e.g. and a sub session which has an external IP and port (e.g. Both sessions are for http-connections to devices. We would like a feature that can automatically detect if the host of the main session is reachable and if not, would connect to the device with the sub-session. The "problem" can also be solved by allowing the main session to accept multiple IP addresses and the possibility to connect to the address that is reachable. Please correct me if this can already be done with the current version of the software (



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There's an alternate host section that you can use in your primary session to configure multiple IP address.

This is located in the More section on your left when you edit your session. For more details, please consult

Could you give it a try.

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I didn't see that. this solves my issue.



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