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More Type and Role options

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Hi Devolutions

We would like to have the possibility for using RDM for documentation of the type and role of various server has.

Under General, I only have 3 choices opportunities.
“Is Terminal Server”
“Is VMware Server”
“Is XenServer”
I would like to make it possible to selects among multiple choice options.
It could be drop-down menus.

There must of course be only one "Type" option, but it must be possible to insert multiple role choices.

Type options

Domain server
Mail Server
Exchange Server
Print server
SQL Server
Sharepoint Server
File Server
Citrix Server
SBS Server
Terminal Server
Backup Server
Web Server
Application Server
FTP Server
Collaboration Server
Proxy server
Game server
Fax server
Media server
Communications server

Role options

DC Role
GPO Role
DNS Role
PDC Role
And more….

Could Devolution be helpful to make this available?

Best regards
Jan Iversen

Clock3 yrs

I like this idea. This could also simplify our UI. I will add this to our todo list.


David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs


Glad you liked it. :-)

Under Type options i forgot

Lync Server :-)
Perhaps there could be an empty field, where to put a custom Server type.
The same under Role type.

Not to rush you, but when can we expect to see this option in RDM.
Will it be this year or early next year?

Best regards.

Jan Iversen

Clock3 yrs

I'm pretty sure that this will be in RDM 12. The next major version is planed for September


David Hervieux


Clock3 yrs

Hi Jan Iversen,

This has been done internally and will be available in RDM 12.

Best regards,

Xavier Fortin


Clock3 yrs