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Open command prompt embedded

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It would be nice if we could open a command prompt (local) embedded as a tab in RDM.

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This is already possible.

Create a Command Line session (this type of session is in the Other section when you create a new entry).
2016 06 30 09 19 46

In the General tab, enter the following: "C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe"
2016 06 30 09 22 32

In the Host and Credentials tab, enter your local computer name in the host field.
2016 06 30 09 22 59

This will open you a command prompt in embedded mode for your local computer.

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais


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What determines if a Windows application will or won't open in the embedded/tabbed area within RDM?

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Hello Sue,

You can configure your session to open in embedded or external mode by selecting the appropriate method in the display setting of the session
2016 07 04 10 27 32

Besr regards,

Jeff Dagenais


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Thanks for the reply. I've set the Display option to Embedded, but some apps still open in external windows. You know about Teamviewer, but it also happens with a wonderful old SSH client that I use in Windows, SSH Explorer. So my question was trying to get an the underlying technical reason, to see if I could somehow hack a solution.

BTW, I see that Teamviewer just released an API. Any hope that TV sessions could be embedded? Also any hope of automating the second login into Windows after getting past the first TV login?

Thanks, Sue

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