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Bring Back VMRC

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Why did you abandon the older VMRC connection type using the IE plugin completely in lieu of VMRC 8? I have thousands of connections configured to use the older type and VMRC 8 doesn't seem to work consistently if at all on older vSphere installations. Both types of VMRC can exist on a system in parallel. Why can't the user choose which VMRC to use? I am now stuck on RDM 11.1 indefinitely because of this.


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Indeed VMware as a technology is a challenge to support. Right now we do not even function against vsphere 6 and its our priority.

We will reinstate the old way in a coming release, it may be only for v12 though.

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


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Thank you Maurice.


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The old VMRC is easily accessed through a command-line session. I've just finished converting my ~1,000 entries so I am no longer in need of this support.



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