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Rename Custom #1-5 Option In Dashboad

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Please allow option to rename column header names in dashboard for Custom Fields 1 - 5. Also allow option to search for items in those columns if possible however that's a minor request since you have provided many options to search for via the status bar.


Clock4 yrs

Hello Felix,
That something I could do but it will be only saved locally in File->Options.

Just to be sure when you write Dasshboard columns do you mean when you select a group and you get the list?


David Hervieux


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Hi David,
Yes as I'm experimenting with the default view vs overview for a selected session to provide information that would pertain to the specific connection or person(s). For user connections I'm looking at the specifics for non standard users like remote, work hours, etc. for overview tab however for the column in question now I'm using the cust field 1 as phone number as I tweak RDM to provide as much information as initially needed before I contact the user or remote in for assistance.


Clock4 yrs