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I would like to see if Devolution can create SELF CONTAINED VPN Connections.
This means that the ENTRY on Devolution is NOT dependent on a local computer configuration of that same VPN client. Of course the software will be installed for the particular VPN package. I believe that the Devolution software should be able to pass all the information required by the VPN client - so that NO LOCAL PC configuration is required.
It appears to work well with MS VPN ( however I would like this for the other VPN clients such as: Cisco VPN / Cisco AnyConnect / Palo Alto / Checkpoint / Citrix / FortiNet / SonicWall /VMware etc.
Thank you

Autumn Abrahms

Clock4 yrs

This is what we try to do all the time but those other VPN does not support a portable config file. Perhaps we have missed something and you could help us with that? For example I remember that I personaly tried that for Cisco and SonicWall without success. Don't forget that we are dependant of this VPN client.


David Hervieux


Clock4 yrs

You are not missing what I am saying. We were hoping that Devolution would permit one person to configure all the VPN / RDP configurations (to keep a standard system in place) and then users could just click on the Devolution link and connect to whatever system they wanted. So right now we have a number of people in the company where we have to setup all the VPN's and configure to match the Devolution configuration. This might be a large and daunting job.
I also noticed that on the RDP configuration - at the bottom left corner is 3 drop down option 1. Configured / 2. RDP File Link / 3. Embedded RDP file
I was hoping that kind of option might be available for Devolution - VPN connections?
Or maybe using power script you might have some method to pass the appropriate commands the VPN software is looking for - instead of setting up / configuring each workstation?
Any ideas???

Clock4 yrs