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Password Saver integration

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Dear Devolutions team,

Already for lots of years we use Password Saver as the password tool to store all our passwords, which are a lot! (approx. 5000+)
We need to migrate the Password Saver to RDM because the database becomes corrupted after each change.
But there's one big problem...
Password Saver is end of life. The registered domain is for sale (so mail wont work), and no other contact information is known about the devoloper.
Password Saver can export to XML and TXT. But both are not compatible with RDM or other password tool import function.
I'm not aware of an API for this tool...
So the only way to migrate is to manually copy/past all entries to RDM (or keepass as an extra step).
Or....can you maybe help us?
Feel free to ask anything you need to gather the needed information.
Thanks in advance.
Valid Operations.

Clock4 yrs

Could you export us a little sample in txt and xml and we will take a look at it. Just to make sure that you don't slow down too much RDM you might have to split your database in 2 or 3. Since we load everything in memory RDM works better with less than 2k entries.


David Hervieux


Clock4 yrs

Hi David,
Sorry for the late resonse. I'm very busy lately so had not time to respond / make an txt+xml sample yet.
could you give me some more information on how to split the databases?
We use Devolutions Server with a backend MS SQL server. We have 2 datasources, a production and a test datasource.
The credentials and sessions will be in the same datasource (same treeview)

How would you design the backend to have multiple databases connected to 1 datasource, sow you have everything in 1 treeview...
As soon as I have more time I will make a test export.

Clock4 yrs