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Most recent result in ping tab name

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New here so don't know if this has been suggested or if it's an option already.

When I reboot devices, I turn on a continuous ping tab so I can know when it comes back. I would like to not have to switch back to the tab just to see if the device has begun replying again. It would be nice if the most recent result, or rather a summation of it, would be in the tab title.

So the tab title is currently "Ping - HOSTNAME" and I would like it to be "Ping - HOSTNAME - Reply-XXXms" or "Ping - HOSTNAME - Timeout"

Or something like that. Tab width would need to remain constant though as the tabs would be constantly shifting if it were dynamically changing widths. I'd hate to accidentally close a session because I went to click on a session and the result on a ping to the left of that tab changed from one width to another.

Also, the result may be a reply from local IP issuing error result. There are several possible response so they'd have to be considered... or anything other than "Reply from X.X.X.X: bytes=XX time=X(XX)ms TTL:XXX" could result in just "Timeout"

This could be just an optional setting as tab width can be important to people who maintain a lot of tabbed sessions

Hope this makes sense.

Clock4 yrs

This sounds like a good idea. I will add this to our list. I can't give you a timeframe though.


David Hervieux


Clock4 yrs