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New user - Locked out

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I am running Os X 10.11.2 and RDM Free

I used RDM for one day and worked great, now when I come in it says "Enter the current user password to unlock" and I have no idea what password this it. I configured a few computers to connect to yesterday and embedded the creds in them, but I don't think I set a global password, and none of passwords I would have used work. Uninstalling/reinstalling didnt help.


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Have you tried to enter the same password to connect on your computer?

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais

Clock4 yrs

Yes, that's the first one I tried. I log into a domain, if it matters.

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Hi Jason,

With the free version, the only way to lock the app with the user password is by changing the preferences under the security tab.
I don't know what went wrong with your app to produce your result.

Unfortunately, the only way to get you out of there id by deleting the configuration file:
-Close the app
-Follow these instructions to get to the configuration file Installation > Client > Configuration File Location
-delete it
-Restart the app

If you happen to be locked out again try to remember what you did last and we will try to fix your problem.

Best Regards,

Benoît Sansregret


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