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Navigation Menu hides the Action list

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This isn't a bug, it's working as designed. But I would like to see a slight change to the screen layout.

Basically the flyout navigation bar covers up the Actions section on the Dashboard. So the user has to select a target server, then manually close the flyout or wait until it closes automatically before being able to use the links on left side of the Dashboard.

The problem can be avoided if using the push pin to keep the navigation flyout on screen which forces the UI to push the Dashboard [and everything else] over. I'm not a fan of this option as I like to have the window filled with my RDC connection.

Ideally the Actions screen would be aware that the flyout menu was open and just automatically move over.

Clock7 yrs

Thank you for the idea. I have verified and it's not possible to implement what you suggest with the third party we currently use. I could make a suggestion and see what they can do.

David Hervieux


Clock7 yrs