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Config in Multi-User environment?

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Hi there

So I installed PVM on my Citrix XenApp server, configred the SQL server. Looked for the configuration and found this:

So I made a override.cfg with "." in it and opied the PasswordVaulmanager.cfg from the personal %appdata% I did all the configuration to the installation folder. But when I start PVM with a user, this config file doesn't set the settings.

How am I gonna do this? I really like the products, but the configuration for Multi-user isn't that clear for me.

I want to provide my employees with central logins and want to offer them their own vault. How do I do this?


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If you want to configure RDM or PVM on a Citrix Server, please have a look at the following topic to configure it properly

For your second question, using a SQL Server data source will share the central logins properly to the members of your team.

If they want to save their own credentials, it would be possible for them to save them in their Private Vault

Best regards,

Jeff Dagenais


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Ah, ok Understood, so same rules for the app. Ok will try :-)

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