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Would it be possible to enable the tree view option for the Opened Sessions view which would show the open sessions
inside of their nested folders? or allow that feature to be seen on the all entries tab within the Navigation window?
Reason is that if you start off with no sessions open and every folder closed under the Sessions main folder as you
use the filter based on your input select folders open to show you possible matches until you find your connection
and enable it via double-click or enter.
So lets say you have two connections opened and the folders expanded so that you can see your two connections in tree
view it would be nice to be able to use the filter and type out your connection and benefit from the auto expand and
when your find your new connection enter it and have the tree view adjust to now show your third connection enabled and
expanded in the tree view.

Clock7 yrs

Hi Felix,
The tree view mode is already on my todo list. However it will still be a separate view for performance reason. It will be difficult to have good performance and keep the tree view up to date with the opened session.

David Hervieux


Clock7 yrs