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Due to local regulations, I need to record all of my system admins activity.

Now I do this using a recorded terminal server where RDM is installed.

You have an internal recording feature, why not give the option to record all the actions using the app ?

You just need to think on the efficency of the recordings (more compression, mybe record in black and white, catch only movments etc.)

Just an idea...


Clock4 yrs

Honestly that something we want to do eventually. But for that we will need to be able to store the video directly to a folder. We would like to create an integration with DropBox or a shared network drive and not save the video into our database for performance reason.

Your are also right about the performance. That's something we will need to validate. That's not something you will see this summer but we will announce soon a new product that could be the foundation of what your are asking now.

Thank you again for your suggestion

David Hervieux


Clock4 yrs