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Working with RDM data from powershell from a server without RDM installed possible?

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Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible to interact with the RDM data from a server without the need to have RDM installed and active.
Reason for this is because I created powershell scripts to deploy private hosted environments in our datacenters. For our support however I want to add new environments to RDM automatically.

We have a dedicated SQL server which holds the RDM databases so everybody uses this from their RDM client as shared datasource.

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You mention Powershell, so I'll stick with that point of view.

Powershell simply calls RDM, so it does need to be installed, it doesn't have to be running though. Remote powershell would be an option, but my preferred option in this kind of situation would be to use our Synchronizers, the one for CSV seems an obvious choice.

Simply generate a csv file with your powershell script, drop it in a shared folder, then run a synchronizer that is configured to ingest that file. You can use RDM's command line capabilities to run the synchronizer.

Our synchronizers can be set to use templates, you can configure them to check for duplicates, etc, etc. A lot of logic that is a lot of work to implement in a powershell script. Please have a look at

Best regards,

Maurice Côté


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