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I don't know if it is really a Feature Request, but I search a solution to sync a part of the Connections / database to another instance.


we have some customers which also have RDM (because we have ;-) )
we maintain the connections of all customers in one datasource.
now we want to share only its own connections to our customers' RDM.

I know we could integrate the database of our customer to my local RDM through the VPN, but this is not my preferred solution.

Is there any other way to reach my requirement?

best regards

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What is the frequency of changes of those sessions? For rare changes Export followed by import, you can pick a group and it will export all its children.

Did you want something more like real time?

Maurice Côté

Customers that use Devolutions Server are provided free remote sessions for performing upgrades. Please send a request to the Devolutions Service Desk to get the process started.


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Hi Maurice,

Export / Import isn't really possible, because when someone forget to communitcate changes(all about 30 people) entries would be lost.

real time or scheduled and bi-directional would be fine.

best regards

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You could export each customers session to XML, make that file accessible via the internet (secured) then have you customers configure a Web data source (it would be read only on their end), not real-time, uni-directional

To schedule the XML export, you could use the PowerShell interface of RDM to export nightly the session for each customer to XML, this would make the sync easier (we would actually need to modify the RDM PowerShell CmdLets to support this, easy enough to do).
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Stefane Lavergne


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