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Let the tree expanded after search

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I would appreciate the following function:

The tree is expanded in some subtrees. you do a search, which brings up some items. one of the items is selected in the tree, means i click on it. now i delete the search-filter. now all subtrees which were expanded before should expand again, plus the subtree where the found and selected item is should be expanded too, and the found item should have the focus. This enables one to see the "neighbors" of the searched item...

best regards

markus reichl

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Just to be clear, you say "now all subtrees which were expanded before should expand again", this is supposed to do that already. It restores the tree view to the state it was before applying a filter.

Is this option checked by any chance?

The way I read this, the feature request is to keep a selected item, after clearing the filter, both selected and in view which means making sure its branch is expanded.

Is that correct?
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Maurice Côté


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Yes, you are right. I know this checkbox you mentioned. But in addition to show the tree as before - when clearing the filter - the found item, which was clicked on before clearing the filter, should be visible as well....
Now, if you clear the search filter, the search result is hidden again....

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Could you try the setting "Disable auto expand smart filter" in the current beta?

David Hervieux


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Hi, this works great. Thank you!

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