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First off I like the choices of being able to import to root or if you are already in a folder and not know it start an import thinking it was going to go to root and it's in a folder etc. Having that option would answer something I had asked for awhile ago on selective import/exports as I would only need to do one export of all and import and choose what I want... again kudos.

Anyway, my question or (bug) is that I created a folder (Site A) and had 4 folders within (Floor 1, Floor 2, Floor3, Floor 4). I created an RDP session and placed that in Floor 4 and exported the Site A with the hopes of being able to import in my laptop and have the entire structure in place which would allow me to make only the missing connections etc.

When I did the import w/o an issue I only have Floor4 with the single RDP connection. Was that by design to not have the empty folders in the export?

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I have note to verify if the folder is exported. I think that could be the root of another bug that we have which is:

The sort order is lost for folder when it's imported.

I should take a look at it today or tomorrow.

David Hervieux


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